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Jatinder is an Indian photographer living in Melbourne since 2010, and known for capturing timeless photos. Professional  portraits make the best souvenirs for kids and families to cherish for years to come.

Capturing Precious Moments That Last a Lifetime

Do you wish to preserve the memories of your important occasions? At JS Photography Studio, we appreciate the value of documenting moments that future generations will treasure. Our talented team of photographers is committed to capturing the beauty and soul of each event. We work hard to provide amazing photographs that tell your particular story, whether for maternity photoshoot, family portraits, portrait photography or newborn family photos.

Maternity Photoshoot: Honouring Life's Miracle

A magnificent adventure full of love, excitement, and anticipation is being pregnant. Our maternity photoshoot aims to record the beauty and joy of this unique moment. Our skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail and a gift for highlighting expecting ladies’ inherent attractiveness. We will collaborate with you to produce timeless photos that showcase your style and personality, whether you want a tranquil outdoor environment or a private indoor session. Let us provide breathtaking pregnancy photos to help you celebrate the wonder of life.

Family Photo Studio: Making Memories That Will Last

Every home’s heart and soul are its family. The love and ties that bring your family together can be beautifully captured in our family photo studio. Providing a welcoming environment where you and your loved ones can be completely yourself is important. Our photographers are skilled at capturing natural moments and sincere feelings that accurately reflect your family’s unique dynamics. We strive to capture these priceless experiences in time, from carefree laughter to tender hugs, and produce enduring treasures to enjoy.

Newborn Family Photos: Adoring Your Joyful Bundle

Being able to welcome a newborn into your family is a unique experience. Our newborn family photo are intended to portray the purity, innocence, and unwavering love that surrounds your infant. We know how sensitive working with newborns can be, and our photographers are experienced in providing a secure and cosy setting for both the infant and the parents. We take satisfaction in creating personal photos that beautifully display the most heartwarming interactions between parents and their newborns. Let us assist you in capturing priceless moments that will constantly remind you of those first invaluable days.

Why Choose JS Photography Studio to Capture Your Special Moments?

  • Professionals with experience: Our team of photographers comprises experts with photography experience who are passionate about what they do. They have the knowledge and creativity to produce breathtaking photos that exceed your expectations.
  • Personalised Approach: We value knowing your narrative and adjusting our services to meet your requirements. To fully express who you are as people and as a family, we take the time to listen to your thoughts, preferences, and expectations.
  • Outstanding Quality: We pledge to provide outstanding quality in all facets of our service. To ensure that your images are of the highest calibre, we aim for perfection in every aspect, from the cutting-edge technology to the post-processing methods we use.
  • Memorable Experience: We want you to have a memorable and delightful time at JS Photography Studio. Our kind and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, who will help you feel at ease and relaxed in front of the camera.

Preserve your priceless moments with JS Photography Studio

Don’t let those priceless moments pass you by. To have your pregnancy photoshoot, family photographs, sitter session photoshoot or newborn family photos captured with beauty, love, and joy, get in touch with JS Photography Studio right away. We are here to provide classic pictures that future generations will treasure. Trust us to create works of art from your priceless memories.


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